SKN Ultra White Cream 7 Days Skin Whitening


A safer and more natural alternative to other harsh skin lightening solutions. It visibly lightens skin tone within a week, with increased results after 2 weeks.


This high quality lightening cream is a natural alternative to hydroquinone. It is formulated with Rumex Occidentalis Extract, a natural skin whitening ingredient that effectively reducing freckles, dark spots, and other skin discolorations, resulting to a fairer and radiant skin.

Skin tone will visibly lighten within a week.
Anti-aging formula for mature skin.
Reduce freckles, dark spots and other discoloration.
If you want to finally achieve that lighter and even skin tone with the added bonus of keeping it youthfully vibrant, SKN is the perfect product for you.

PEFECT FOR: All skin types (especially mature or dry); night time whitening cream; melasma and other excessive pigmentation

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Non-sticky for easy application; less inconvenient side effects than harsh whitening products; 100% safe and effective for all skin types.

FDA Approved
Halal Certified
Royalé Premium