Royale Beauty L’Opulent Blanche Clarifying Liquid 120 ml


This Cleansing And Brightening Toner Deeply Cleanses As It Promotes Cell Renewal. The Combination Of Gluta Complex With Arbutin And Lycopene Provides Your Skin With:? Brighter Complexion And Natural Radiance? Lighter And Even Skin-Tone? Refined Pores

  • Makes The Skin Brighter And Glowing.
  • Lightens And Even Skin-Tone.
  • Deeply Cleanses.


L’opulent Blanche is not just your average toner. It is infused with Gluta complex, Arbutin, Lycopene and formulated with advanced skin micro-exfoliation technology. Using L’opulent Blanche regularly, will help you achieve a more hydrated and revitalized skin within few days.


  • Makes the skin brighter and glowing.
  • Lightens and even skin-tone.
  • Deeply cleanses Helps get rid of acne breakouts and blackheads
  • Effectively clears and refines pores.

Toners are essential to ones skin care routine. However, many people just simply overlook it because they don’t full understand its importance — especially to people who have oily skin, prone to acne and always exposed to dirty surroundings. If you want a more beautiful skin that will shine brighter than ever, L’opulent Blanche is your go-to toner.


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