Royale Riqall – Memory Booster


Royale Riqall Improve Your Memory and Mental Alertness Memory loss and mental incapacity are two of the worries by most people. This is for the reason that many things are being compromised when you have these problems. For one, you tend to lose your focus on work and activities that requires mental alertness that may lead to subpar performances.



Royale Riqall is a capsule made from herbs that is known in improving memory and mental alertness. Individuals who are suffering from memory loss and mental incapacity should be taking advantage of the great benefits this supplement can provide.

Health Benefits
• Increases physical and mental endurance
• Helps the body adjust to stressful condition
• Increases energy
• Normalizes body functions

Health Benefits
• Improves intellect, consciousness and mental acuity
• Calms the mind and promotes relaxation; increases protein synthesis and activity in brain cells.
• Improves memory, mental clarity and longevity
• Decreases anxiety, restlessness and senility
• Most commonly used to improve mental alertness and enhance learning and academic performance

Health Benefits
• For cerebral vascular insufficiency, vertigo, headaches, tinnitus, asthma, migraine and ischemia.
• Improves mental performance and brain function
• May prevent senility, memory loss, dementia and Alzheimer’s diseases

Health Benefits
• Taurine may stabilize the myelin sheath of neurons or nerve cells (specialized cells that initiate and transmit nerve impulses) to speed up propagation of impulses.
• Taurine may improve mood and learning abilities by inhibiting lead-induced impairment.

Health Benefits
• Used primarily for its free radical fighting capabilities
• Helps block the cancer-promoting actions of carcinogen, ultra-violet light and metastasis.